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Chris Story Band

Chris Story grew up in a rural area of Texas, which like most small towns, consisted of churches and a Dairy Queen. His first taste of music was introduced very early in life surrounded by a family of musicians and singers. Traveling to fiddle contests in Texas gave him his first platform to show the world, at the tender age of four, that he was ready for the spotlight. Chris went on to master the art of the saxophone in high school which led him to a music scholarship at Abilene Christian University. Through the years, Chris’s ability to “hear” music has enabled him to learn other instruments along the way.

His first “professional” music opportunity arrived in 1995 when he joined a local band which allowed him to play the fiddle and saxophone. Given the experience of working with an organized band, Chris was able to move up from there. He started the Chris Story Band in 1997 and continued climbing the ladder that led him to the corporate and wedding arena. Chris has traveled the world for some of the most elite corporations and has been included in a few celebrity weddings, making him an established artist in the event industry.

Chris is a successful entrepreneur that juggles other businesses along with following his passion for music. Music ranks high on his priority list, but he will quickly tell you what trumps his love for music… God, his family, and then music, followed by his love of FOOTBALL!

Chris’s newest album, Chapter One, is a unique album that is a collaboration of Chris’s favorite styles of music. He didn’t want his fans bored after listening to the first two songs, so he decided to keep the audience’s attention throughout the album by changing up the tempo and style. The album has been on hold for a period of time as Chris searched for the perfect songs. Just when things were looking doubtful, God placed Tracy Martin in his path. Tracy has written the majority of the album and also produced the entire album. The only missing link followed when Swamp Angel Record’s, John Muralgia, decided to sign Chris and support his vision. The album is set to release on September 21, 2013 and has begun to spark a lot of attention.

Chris is grateful for his God-given talent which has given him the ability to meet people that he may have never stumbled across in a different life. When asked what he has learned from his music career he answered, “I have learned that it’s not all about the music, it’s not all about the money, it IS about the relationships that are built along the way. I have crossed paths with people that remind me on a daily basis why I’m here, why I continue this uphill battle we call the music industry. We all have OUR reason for moving forward…what is mine? It might not be as glamorous as one would think, but it’s what keeps me motivated in my darkest hours. Girls…that’s right, GIRLS! Not just any girls, but my girls, my children. Like all fathers, I want to give them the world and I want to leave a legacy they can be proud of. “