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In August 2015, the multi-dimensional Country Music entertainer Doug Moreland releases Bring Back The Swing, the ninth of his fully independent albums. The album captures Doug’s light-hearted take on the seriousness of life, with his traditional styling of fiddles,upright bass, mandolin, guitar, and minimal drums. His styling still gathers influence from the western swing of Bob Wills and the easy-going spirit of Jimmy Buffett, mixed with humor the likes of Roger Miller.

Originally from the mountains of west Texas, Doug Moreland settled down in Austin at the turn of the millennium as a fiddler, songwriter, and woodcarver! Being the eldest son of a colorful wainwright, blacksmith, and fiddle-playing ranch hand, Doug eagerly left his nest in Fort Davis TX in 1992 in pursuit of a musical degree, setting the stage for a short stint as a fiddler and funny sideman for dinner theater entertainment in Ruidoso NM. He then set out to tour the country with various acts, living in Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, and Nashville TN, eventually settling back in Texas in 1999 to write his own songs and front his own band. But instead of the band, he found it much easier to keep up with only his singing sidekick Holly (or Holly-peño, a black and white McNab/Border Collie dog). This solo, comical music performance, with the dog as his finale, overshadowed his songwriting abilities and garnered him little respect on the Texas music scene, so in 2003 Doug based himself in Austin TX and put that full band together, gradually developing it into a unique, western, swing band with his wit and charm playing along with the instrumentation of twin fiddles, mandolin, and the upright bass fiddle.

And amidst his meanderings, Doug discovered a financial & promotional spur for his musical career through chainsaw carving! He picked up the saw in 1998, and sold his first piece the moment he finished carving it! Self-taught, with a bit of background whittling small pieces as a child alongside his father, Doug advanced quickly with a keen grasp of proportion and a remarkable knack for caricature. And like his music, Doug has customized his art to his own unique fashion.

Musical Merit

Doug received a Will Rogers Cowboy Award for Western Music Male Performer of the Year from the Academy of Western Artists in 2007. He also received an Entertainer of the Year award from the Texas Music Awards in 2007. He played for the Austin City Council at a meeting declared by the Mayor as Doug Moreland Day in 2011. In 2015, Doug won a nomination for Western Swing Male of the Year from the Ameripolitan Music Awards.

Noteworthy Appearances

Doug’s tour has extended from the state of Texas, western across the country and even to Europe. The band has performed with well-established acts such as Willie Nelson, Asleep At The Wheel, Robert Earl Keen, Canadian Country Music star Corb Lund, and folk-rocker Ryan Bingham.

Doug appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2003 with his former companion Holly-peño (a black/white McNab dog). They appeared together on Animal Planet's Pet Star, as well as Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Doug has also made guest appearances in a handful of films, most notably the 2012 Richard Linklater film Bernie along with Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine.


Doug has recorded 8 full-length albums and contributed to multiple compilation albums. (first 4 titles no longer available)

1 I’m Not Crazy Yet *

2 Cowboy Breakfast

3 Dance House

4 Busted

5 Shadows *

6 Pray For Rain

7 Dancehall Heroes **

8 Stand


10 The Wood Shed

11 Nero’s Fiddle

12 Live Free Or Die

13 Crockett's Fiddle

The Flying Armadillos (2012)

All written by Doug Moreland except

* written by Doug Moreland & Billy Applegate,

** written by Rob Harding

Barnstormer (2009)

1 The Tortilla

2 Windmill

3 Fly On

4 Play Me Back In Time *

5 World’s Inn

6 Marfa Lights

7 The Epic **

8 Hunting Bear

9 Bigfoot Waltz

10 Barnstormer

11 Die in the Desert***

All written by Doug Moreland except

* written by Doug Moreland & Billy Applegate,

** written by Randy Crouch,

*** traditional

Doug Moreland (2006)

1 A Boy Like Me*

2 Never Gonna Go Back


3 Honeymoonlight

4 Dallas

5 Forever In Your Arms

6 Home To Me

7 Not Afraid To Fall

8 Houston **

9 Heaven Or Austin

10 The Beer Song ***

11 End of the Trail*

All written by Doug Moreland,

* written with Matt Skinner & Dub Miller,

* written with Billy Applegate,

*** parody of Geoff Mack’s I’ve Been Everywhere

Everybody Knows My Name (2004)

1 Everybody Knows My Name

2 Baja Holiday

3 Happy Hour

4 Prayers and Wishes

5 The River Anthem

6 Easy Money

7 Southern Belle

8 Love LeeAnn

9 Skeleton

10 Carolina Moonshiner

11 The First

12 The Horses Toast

13 I’ll Never Be Homeless **

14 I Wanna Drive A Truck

15 Before I Leave Mexico **

16 Nothin’ But A Cowboy *

17 Horse Walking**

All written by Doug Moreland,

* written with Ryan Bingham,

** written with Billy Applegate